What is Social Promotion? How can you use Social Promotion techniques to create Brand Advocates for building your business? What is the best Social Promotion Software vendor? How does Social Promotion help you find and keep more customers?

These and others are the questions you may have when you look into creating a social promotion marketing campaign. SocialPromotionGuide.com seeks to help you find answers to all of these questions.

Engaging social promotion of a business can have several immediate results. First, social promotion takes all of the pressure out of “selling” to your clients and customers because you’re not selling you’re participating in their community. You are educating them on your product or services and most of all you’re building trust. The trust built by social promotion marketing can easily build Brand Advocates who continue the efforts to help educate other current and potential customers about services or products they may not currently be using. Through social promotions a business can use these most enthusiastic and engaged customers to create content about why they’re loyal customers which in turn attracts more clients.  To learn more about social promotion and how to get started, check out our blog.